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Identifying what lens, focal length and image from 2 rays – PP2010P1Q23 and SP2014P1Q11

These 2 questions are actually the same. Q23 is from 2010 Pure Physics P1 while Q11 is from 2014 Sci Physics P1. Take a look at these 2 questions. If you are not sure, view the video below for the explanation.

Capture1 PP 2010

Answer to Q23: Option A

Capture2 2014SP

Answer to Q11: Option D

If you do not know how to answer these 2 questions, view this video and also refer to the lens summary below.



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N2007P1Q27 brightness of bulb


Solutions: Option B

As lamp X is thicker and shorter, these 2 factors make the resistance of X lower than Y.
Recall: Length increases, R increases & cross-sectional area increases, R decreases.
[R = pL/A]

As both bulbs are connected to the same mains, (assume 240V), the potential difference across the bulbs are 240 V.

Brightness of the bulb depends on power, P = IV or V2/R, since V is constant, I across X is higher due to lower R,
hence power of X is greater than power of Y, hence X is brighter.