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Wonders of Physics

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Work Done Energy and Power Videos

1) Good examples of energy conversion.

Trampoline + Dodgeball

Bungi Jump

Sky Jump – Dubai

Felix Baumgartner Space Jump World Record 2012

2) The World’s Largest Hydroelectric Dam – The Three Gorges Dam

The world’s largest ship elevator and ship locks

3) Roller Coaster

Chain Lift

Formula Rossa – World’s Fastest Coaster

Launch Coaster

4) Wind and Solar Energy

5) Space Shuttle returning (or meteoroid) into Earth’s atmosphere – Lost in GPE converted to thermal energy + sound energy (assume terminal velocity)

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Physical Quantities Videos

The smallest to the biggest thing in the universe. 
This video shows the various prefixes used to denote very small or big numbers.

Is Usain Bolt faster than a typical car on the road with a constant speed of 60 km/h?
Calculate the average speed of Usain Bolt for the 100 m world record of 9.58 s in m/s. Then convert it to km/h to do a comparison.

Wanna watch his 200 m race?

How to use a vernier caliper?
The precision of vernier caliper is 0.01 cm (0.001 m).

How to use a micrometer screw gauge?
The precision of the micrometer is 0.01 mm

Factors that affect the period of the pendulum bob
Only length and gravitational field strength (g) affect the period.
– Length of pendulum increases, period (T) is longer
– Gravitational field strength (g) decreases, period (T) is longer (i.e. on the moon)

Mass of pendulum bob and angle of release (5 to 10 degree) will not affect the period (T).






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Electromagnetism Videos

Simple Electromagnet
When current flows through a coil, magnetic field is generated and there will be a north and south poles on the coil.
To increase the strength of the magnetic field:
– increase the size of the current by increasing the emf of the battery
– increase the number of turns in the solenoid
– insert a soft iron core

Demonstration of Right-Hand Grip Rule (RHGR) to determine magnetic field line direction

The video below shows that as the current flows through the wire, there is a magnetic field around the wire. The compass will follow / indicate the direction of the magnetic field line. Use you RHGR to confirm the direction.

Rod Between a U-shaped Magnet
As current flows through the rod, due to the combined magnetic field of both the around the current-carrying rod and magnets, there is a force acting on the rod in the direction from a region of stronger magnetic field towards a region of weaker magnetic field around the rod.

To know the direction of the force on the rod easily, you can apply your Fleming’s Left Hand Rule.