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Waves Summary


waves 01

Click here to view the simulations transverse and longitudinal waves

Students are confused when they need to visualise what is the direction of the particles the next moment of the wave. There is a simpler way solve such question.

To know what is the motion of the particles as a transverse wave passes through, click to view the question and the video tutorial.

waves 02

Click here to view of a question asked on rope wave – how should you move your hand to create different waves.

waves 03 graphs

Click here to view another example on graphs

waves 04 wavefronts

Click here to know more about wavefronts created in a ripple tank.




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Wave – Displacement-time graph of a particle on a wave


Solutions: Option C

Consider positive displacement if the particle P is above the undisturbed position, and negative displacement if the particle is below the undisturbed position.

Notes page16

The next instance, the particle P will be moving vertically downwards, i.e. moving nearer to its undisturbed position. So the displacement decreases to zero before it moves below the undisturbed position (negative displacement).