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This simple and humble blog is dedicated to the students learning GCE O-Level Physics or Science Physics. It consists of various contents like Physics comics, summary, questions and video tutorials or demonstrations. Hope it will be useful to some of you.

If you have any suggestions on what kind of content which might be helpful for students to better understand and learn Physics, please feel free to let me know. I would like to hear from you. Thank you.

As the blog posts are in chronological order, if you prefer to search by topics and questions listed out in order, you may use the other Wix site:


Any post you click of the Wix site will be linked directly to the WordPress site. It will be easier to search the content from the Wix site. Hope this helps.


49 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Evan….i am amazed and delighted by the work you do and want to compliment you on this amazing blog…..the best i have seen ever.

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and setting up this blog that will benefit a lot of people. I really love your blog and I think is very beneficial. This is the most wonderful and useful blog I have ever seen. I really thank you. 😀

  3. The notes u drew are very nice and easy for revision. 🙂 I wonder what did u use to draw those notes…

  4. Hi, I came across your kinematics summary notes. is so nice.. but may I know is there any easier way for us to view the graphs? Like how do we identity which graph is increasing deceleration/decreasing deceleration? This kind of qns is quite confusing. Thanks

    • Are you clear about gradient in math graph? As in the summary, describing the motion using concept of gradient is the easiest way. If u know what kind of gradient in math it will be easy

      • Yes. But then I am not sure which graph in the summary is representing a graph with increasing deceleration/decreasing deceleration and what is the diff between negative increase and positive increase.

      • It’s a bit difficult to explain through text. To answer your question briefly, in general the gradient of velocity time graph will tell you directly the acceleration or deceleration. If the gradient is getting steeper it is considered increasing (may it be positive or negative gradient) and vice versa.

      • Positive increasing acceleration its because the gradient is positive (slope upwards, speed increases) and the gradient is getting steeper.
        Negative increase is when the gradient is negative (sloping downwards, speed decreases) and the gradient is getting steeper. Roughly get the idea??? 🙂

      • Hi Catherine, I uploaded an image which hopefully can help u. Take a look and let me know ya

  5. Hi, I have taken a look and I understand now. Thank you! So, for example of a velocity/time graph, the steepness shows whether is increasing/decreasing while the direction of the curve shows whether is accelerating/decelerating.

  6. Evan. I teach high school physics in Toronto, Canada and I love your site. Great energy, great explanations and great illustrations. I will recommend your site to my students.

  7. Hi Evan,

    While wandering in the vast land of Google, I bumped into your blog. Really interesting and impressive concept drawing.
    Want to add a link to your blog at my website. Wondering if you are okay with that?

  8. Thank you, I love physics now. Bless Isaac Newton.

  9. Hi Evan. I am a teacher of science in Colombia, Latinamerica. I would like to refeer your work, but I can not do it with just your blog. Can you email me to talk about your impact on my students? Thank you. EMAIL: mibavendano@alianzaeducativa.edu.co

  10. Hi Evan, I am a teacher in Singapore. Can you please contact me at mrdavesim@gmail.com? Thank you so much.

  11. Hi Evan. I am a teacher in South Africa. You are so very talented! Well done!

  12. hi Evan, I was looking for Physics Posters to put in class for N and O levels revision and I found your page.
    The layout and the idea was what I wanted to do years ago but I lacked the technical expertise and professional will to build up such elaborate archives content.
    May I seek your permission to print your posters to be hung in my classes for revision purpose.

  13. I found your Wave comic a few years back and I have loved it. I have tried to create similar comics on different science subjects. Unfortunately they are like sand castles as I draw them on a white board and erase them when we change subjects. I’m recently back to teaching Physics and starting a unit on waves. Your comic will be the centerpiece of my wave unit. Thanks!

  14. Hi Evan, I would like to use one of your drawings. Please contact me at xiao3yu2@gmail.com regarding copyright issue. Thanks!

  15. Hi Evan, this is Ziyi here. I would like to use two of your drawings for our Physics lessons. Would like to ask you for copyrights issues and wondering if we can print them out as posters as we credit it to you. you can contact me at li_ziyi@moe.edu.sg.

  16. Hi Mr Toh, I am a secondary 4 student and your page has saved my grades tbh thank you so much

    • Hi Yan! Thank you for viewing my blog. I’m thankful and humbled that it has helped you. But I’m more impressed by you. The fact that you take charge of your learning and put in effort to learn from available resources out there is commendable. And more importantly, you bother to write in to thank me. Continue with the positive attitude and gratefulness in life. All the best Yan!

  17. Parabéns Evan, são muito boas as explicações e resoluções no campo da física. Ótimo trabalho.

  18. Hi Evan, thank you for your selfless sharing. This is so beautifully done.

  19. Was looking for answer for the tape timer thing the and chanced upon this blog. The voice of the video sounds familiar and i looked at the name again and realised that it is you. Thank you for your sharing your blog! 🙂

  20. Hi
    I am electronics lecturer and glad to visit your blog. You are so creative. Thanks for such colourfull explanation.
    Really interesting and impressive concept drawing.
    Want to add it into my video lecture. if you are okay with that?

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