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5 thoughts on “Action-Reaction: Newton’s 3rd Law

  1. Hi Evan
    I have always been curious about how force is transferred to say a water hose or rocket engine to create the ‘opposite reaction’ at some point there must be a contact force involved if I am not mistaken. Would love a bit of insight on this.

    • Hi Sam, to be honest I do get confused with these too. That’s why I drew these to help students after consulting a few colleagues. Feel free to let me know if it can be refined for better understanding. Regarding your water hose I think it’s the high pressure of the water which when the nozzle is released, it pushing the water out in one direction and the nozzle in another. The space rocket is similar. The explosion due to the fuel creates that high pressure which pushes the exhaust gas out of the exhaust outlets in one direction and pushing the rocket in the other direction.

  2. Hi Evan,

    Can I ask on the software used for making the comic & summary notes?
    It looks really good and I think learning how to do it might help make my students more motivated in learning.

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