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Electromagnetic Induction Question

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Solutions: Option D – (i) and (iii)

(i) is true because as the rod cuts the magnetic field of the magnet, an induced emf is produced, according to Faraday’s Law. But NOT induced current as it is not a closed circuit. The end of the rod nearer is higher potential.

(ii) is false because as mentioned above, an induced emf will be produced when the rod cuts the magnetic field.

(iii) is true as the magnitude (value or size) of the induced emf depends on factors such as using stronger magnet and moving the rod faster. So this statement is true.

But do note that if the statement is phrased such that ‘…..induced emf ONLY depends on the magnetic field…….’, then this statement is false as moving the rod faster is another way, so using stronger magnet is NOT the only way.

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