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Spraying of mist in air – what’s the purpose?

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This structure is located at Marina Bay, beside the Marina Bay Sands. It sprays out mist into the air. What is the main purpose of this in terms of thermal physics?

<p>Spray out mist. What’s the function? from evantoh on Vimeo.</p>

You might have come across similar features like this in other places like coffee shop, al fresco Starbucks etc.


Mist contains tiny droplets of water. When it is sprayed out to the surrounding, it will evaporate very fast.

The higher rate of evaporation is due to the tiny droplets of water having a relatively higher expose surface area compared to a body of water of the same mass.

As the droplets of water evaporate, thermal energy is taken from the surrounding air to change the water to a gaseous state. Hence temperature of the surrounding air drops, giving the cooler and conducive environment in a hot tropical weather in Singapore.

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